#1 Best Selling Booger Picker
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#1 Best Selling Booger Picker

Welcome to Hatton’s W.O.W. (Women of the Week) feature.
Each week we’ll feature a female owned company.

Meet Nina Farzin

Oogie Bear

Infant Booger Picker

Who is your greatest inspiration/role model?

This question was very difficult for me to answer. I’m not sure why? Until I started giving it some thought. My go to answer of course is my mom. But then so many others came to mind. I guess I consider myself very fortunate to have many role models and great inspirations in my life. I will start with my mom, but there are moments in all our lives where we find inspiration in unexpected ways. My mom was the hardest working woman I know – she dedicated her life to her kids and family and would do anything in the world to make us happy. I strive to achieve those same goals in my life. Of course, I hope to be like her. But then I think …I can’t just stop there. I have learned to appreciate being in the moment, “the now “, and to practice this every day. To be in the moment, or as I have learned through spiritual leader/ role model Eckhart Tolle, means trying every day to bring awareness to my body in the present moment. The more we practice this in our lives, “being here in the NOW” and not wanting to change our present experience, the more capable we are of dealing with difficult situations. Eckhart’s ability to practice his spirituality while also being an entrepreneur is quite inspiring. Something I strive for every day. But I also can’t stop there. I’m an entrepreneur at heart (who would have known), and I aspire to be like many role models. For example, Oprah comes to mind. She is a remarkable lady, and I have learned so much from her journey through her life – her spiritual connections, her generosity, and insights gained from her interviews. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. She has dealt with such adversity in life and look at her today. I would love to be as warm, inviting, and knowledgeable as Oprah. Imagine …you turn on the TV or read her book/magazine and immediately you feel a connection with her. Yet, you don’t even know her. She possesses so many amazing capabilities and attributes. I can keep going with role models and inspirations that come to mind such as my kids, my co-workers and my friends who teach me so much about so many different things in so many ways. Most of all, however, is my husband. He is an amazing man who stands beside me in everything I do, and I genuinely strive to be like him. He’s my sounding board – He keeps it real. So, I tried to be honest and true to myself in answering this question. This is a journey that we all live, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to name just a few of the role models that I celebrate in my life, whether in spirit, in a book, or on TV, who give me the inspiration that I need for my success.

What are 3 words to describe yourself?

Tenacious, Loyal, and Resourceful

Why did you start your business?

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I didn’t set out to start my own business. It was my experiences as a mom and medical professional that set me down the oogiebear® path. I wanted to create something that combined expertise and care into an effective and safe booger picker — one that wasn’t like anything on the market! I laugh that I’m now the “queen of boogers”, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I invented the oogiebear® to help babies (and their parents) breathe easier. It’s effective; it’s safe; it’s cute; it’s everything I needed as an anxious young mom with new babies. When I first began in 2015, I never imagined my idea would turn into something that would help millions of children and parents worldwide. I learned that many parents were just like me and wanted better solutions for caring for their babies. I also never imagined inventing a category for a booger and ear wax removal tool that is unlike the 40+ year-old aspirators on the market. oogiebear® revolutionized the baby nasal aspirator category. oogiebear® provides a modern solution for cleaning little noses and little ears, too! Who would have thought:)

What is your biggest dream for your life?

The biggest dream I have is to positively affect as many lives as possible and to experience the joy of my family and loved ones around me in every moment. More so, I enjoy growing as a person and trying to find fulfillment and meaning in my life. I try to dig deep within myself to be as creative as possible ( that’s my happy place).

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